About Sarah

The living testimony of her middle name, ‘Fay’ (as her mother’s namesake), Sarah describes herself foremost as a woman of deep faith and conviction in God. This driving force has propelled her to surmount her challenges and dedicate her life and talents in the sciences and the arts to the glory of God, and to seek to connect with others with the same vision to positively impact our world around us.

Her Story…

Sarah grew up as an only child in a Christian Jamaican family. By the age of 8, Sarah made the personal choice to be baptized into Christ. From a very early age, Sarah found herself enthralled with the aura of nature. As a new Christian, Sarah nurtured a love for writing and creative expression, where she would often attempt to scribble booklets (as ‘author’ and ‘illustrator’) with topics ‘against evolution’ and ‘against witchcraft’ in response to Harry Potter book series read by her peers. Sarah’s love for the arts also manifested early in her composition of several Christian songs, all collected in her ‘heaven bag’. ‘Teacher’ and ‘artist’ were her first two career aims, until the age of 14, when ‘meteorologist’ was added to the her dream career list.

Through difficulties

Despite the general warmth of her childhood memories, Sarah’s road had its own obstacles of tragic loss, personal health issues and financial impediments along its course. Her journey to complete her regional Caribbean examinations was riddled by the death of her maternal grandmother right at her home on the day before final exams, personal diagnoses with pneumonia and chronic fluctuating blood pressure issues. Thankfully, through each obstacle, God’s faithfulness was seen, and Sarah emerged at the top in the Caribbean for Spanish (1st) and Geography (3rd).

More obstacles however lay ahead to her career dreams as hospitalization costs for her grandmother had swiped all savings for university and plunged her family into half a million dollar debt. Having been initially unsuccessful in her scholarship applications, her dreams were almost forcibly delayed, but God, the faithful Father He is, provided a way. Fast forward to the completion of her studies, Sarah has obtained a first class honors degree (4.06 GPA) in Geography (Major) and Spanish (minor), Advanced (B2) level certification in Spanish, and Project Management from the University of the West Indies, Mona Campus. She is also a past student of the Creation Apologetics Teachers’ College, where she obtained a certificate in Bible evidences. Sarah is now a PhD Candidate, where her area of focus is in agrometeorology, examining best practices in drought management and how to improve climate communication to farmers.

Her Mission…

Sarah’s faith and family background cultivated values of faith, perseverance and excellence. Her mission’s focal point is service – to God and society – and to be shine God’s light in the world, in the time that God allows.

We welcome you to take a look at Sarah’s portfolios and ministry efforts, or request her upcoming tutoring, translation or freelance writing services. Happy to partner with you to impact the world for good.

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