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We are working on maintenance of a new website, but meanwhile, please see information about our ministry below.

The aim of Chosen to GLOW Ministries is to be a light for God in the world of darkness. GLOW is an acronym with two meanings: God Leading Our Way, Go Light Our World.

Chosen to GLOW began with just a Facebook page (formerly called Save Jamaica, Save the World Through Christ), which would post encouragement, Bible evidences and comment on matters of importance to the Christian community. We launched that Facebook page in 2013.

On the ground: Chosen to GLOW members were involved in documenting the Jamaica CAUSE events (as our founder served as petition manager with the Love March Movement). We also were involved in the Bain protests and other matters relating to life and family.

Apologetics outreach: In 2016, we launched a brief youtube Bible evidences series called “God’s GLOW we show, where we examined scientific evidences from the Christian faith, and answered some difficult questions, such as why a loving God allows suffering.

Literature: Our ministry has produced around 5 tracts on these issues, and some bookmarkers, which are available for free download at the following link:

Community outreach is also big for our ministry. Before covid, we used to do weekly visits to elderly homes in our community, to hold personal church services there for those shut in. We also have a Bible redistribution ministry, and actively write letters to the editor (once a month) on important issues to society impacting the Christian faith.We are developing a new website, but for the time being, our main ministry page is here: (including a blog and links to our Bible evidences series):

Chosen to GLOW Ministries’ Facebook page may be accessed at the following link:

Our youtube channel is here:

Our latest initiative has been the Caribbean for L.I F.E. (Life Information Forum and Exhibition), which has been a series of 7 webinars in response to the CaPRI report, to provide evidence as to why their pro-abortion recommendations were destructive. By God’s grace, researchers and pro-life activists around the world joined us, including Dr. Alveda King, Dr. Brian Clowes, Dr. David C. Reardon, Dr. Priscilla Coleman, Prof. John Wyatt, Dr. Calum Miller, and several women who regretted their abortions, among others who shared their testimonies.


By God’s grace, the work of Chosen to GLOW Ministries has seen nearly a dozen new NGOs joining as Friends of the Geneva Consensus Declaration.

Chosen to GLOW Ministries has presented as a Civil Society Organization at the 2021 UN Commemorative Event on the International Day of Families (May 17).

Chosen to GLOW Ministries is also a founding member of the Empowered Youth Coalition.


By God’s grace, stay tuned for exciting new initiatives by Chosen to GLOW, as we strive to reach others for the Kingdom!

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